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    In 2018 ACVFIT START-UP will become a NGO -

    Non Profit Organisation

  • Our Mission

    We create through our web app

    a network within those who provide rewarding services for a healthier life


    Provide the best in class Digital Health prevention solutions for Smart Cities and a healthier world

    B2B2C for municipalities or companies (through insurance group policies)

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    Social Impact

    Health Sustainability

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Created in 2014, ACVFIT start-up has been recognized as an Enterprise generating Social Impact (ESS) by the French Authorities.

    In 2018 its status will become a Non Profit NGO


    Create active health communities

    - Interact, identify and act on real needs for healthier lifestyle

    - Analyse and act on real life data

    - InterUsers interactions

    - Providers <---> users interactions

    Indeed Local however scalable automated solution 


    Our technology is also available as a white brand

    For additional information contact@acvfit.com

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    Our technical innovation : ICT and algorithms

    Apps and web based health prevention solutions to focus on real life Health prevention impact awarded French Tech and FinTech

    A 360 Big Data analysis on Lifestyle, Health status and environement components of individuals and cohorts

    • Real life and real time data analysis
    • Actionnable customised action plans program for your buisness ROI
    • Data Protection gold standards

      • Ethical research topics

      • Be proactive to support access mobile health and telemedecine

    Acvfit R&D values are collaborative and inclusive:

    • “Value results and efforts learning methods”: Education through

    positive gaming and other positive psychological techniques.


    For more specific information contact@acvfit.com

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    Social Impact

    Created in 2014, ACVFIT start-up has been recognized as an Enterprise generating Social Impact (ESS) by the French Authorities.

    In 2018 its status will become a Non Profit NG

    Acvfit has been granted the certification from the French authorities and is listed as generating Social & Solidary Impact means:


    • We generate new types of jobs working for the mobile health


    • We develop new competencies to support digital transformation

    of the society

    • We work in partnership with the Health Care System


    We value cross generation interactions, including younger and senior citizens


    We develop partnerships with local communities, profit and non profit organizations, companies and patients association :


    • A collaborative approach among the economic, healthcare and municipality ecosystem

    • A new research model including French, European and worldwide

    impact including in the silver economy


    Acvfit address strategic healthcare and pharmacoenomic cost effectiveness and risk management models needs.


    For additional information contact@acvfit.com


    • Do you want to share your skills or competencies ?
    • Do you want to have a good value of your time ?
    • Do you want to be useful for others and live in a healthier world?
    • Are you looking for social impact providers for wellness and health services ?
    • Are you a association or a corporation or a fondation who value social impact services and are looking to expand your network?
    • Do you want to make a donation?

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  • Products and Services

    A customise range of services on Prevention on mobile Health for companies, municipalities or insurers

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    A collaborative & innovative Prevention mobile health program for a Smart Cities and Smart Companies

    Mission: Health Prevention + Big data + Smart City + Rewarding

    A unique program that can be escalabe and customised to the specific needs of any company, insurer or municipality


    For additional information go MyAppisanté.com

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    An Algorithme that Analyse, Measure, and Act for Health benefits

    Awarded FinTech and French Tech

    MEGAS is a useful tool for health Care Practitonners, Hospitals, patient association, insurers, and companies willing to analyse in real life setting the impact of their products, program and pathways


    To incorporate MEGAS into your business for Health impact added value contact@acvfit.com

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    Smart web based Mobile Heath Prevention Plateform and app 

    Mission: Real Life data Collection + Interoperability with IoTs

    • Healthy eating
    • Mantain an Human component in the connected world
    • Secured Data Collection and Management
    • Chronic disease daily life impact management support
    • Anticipate Telemedecine as a norm in Health Care
    • Continiously working according to the most updated best practice
    • Customized and user friendly success indicators and trackers
    For more info or for your white brand, customised plateform contact@acvfit.com
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    To ask for a personalized proposal : contact@acvfit.com

  • About Acvfit

    Mobile Health Big Data, Smart Cities

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    About acvfit

    Providing Mobile Health Prevention for a Smarter and Healthier life

    Acvfit founders are two dynamic and innovative Health Care Professionals.

    Dr Caty Ebel Bitoun is a medical doctor, Veronique Brunais Le Pautremat is a pharmacist.

    Their professional experience with patients, and more specifically with older adults identified the unmet medical needs on Health and Quality of Life coaching.


    That’s why they create, Acvfit, a start up that generates real life data on how patients benefit from their medical care and health care pathways.

    Acvfit anticipate the digital impact in daily life and health care management.

    Acvfit and the active community of active adults, provide our partner opportunities to maximize their portfolio.



    Acvfit, provides services for communities, patient association, local authorities, private and public health insurance, companies willing to be innovative for Healthy and Active Life

  • Our team

    Combining technical, medical and digital experience

    For a Human solution that matters

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    Caty Ebel Bitoun

    Co founder & CEO

    Medical Doctor, graduated from Paris Medical School, and post graduated in Public Policy School (Sciences Po Paris) and pharmacoeconomics.


    Caty is specialized in Healthy and Active Ageing.

    Caty used to work in hospitals, private office, pharma industry (such as Pfizer and Novo Nordisk) and insurance (AXA), as global, medical director, running international clinical trials, launching new compounds and medical devices world wide, analyzing portfolio in order to anticipate XXIe century medical and health care needs including digital opportunities


    Be Open minded, Innovative and working in a positive environment are her key factors for success.

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    Veronique Brunais Le Pautremat

    Co founder & General Manager

    Pharm D,

    post graduated in market access and pharmacoeconomics.


    Veronique has previous experience in Marketing, market research, and Business Development.

    Veronique run many epidemiological and Real Life studies.


    Her passion is about Human Behavior analysis, and Health prevention program though ICT.


    Caty met Veronique during their pharmacoeocnomics post graduation program.

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    A multidisciplinary team

    Medical experts , statisticians, ICT team,

    and a lot of support from a variety of diverse contributors


    Web Support Team

    Human friendly and Ergonomic digital approach.

    The web team is customer focus, innovative and agile.


    Data management and Big Data Team

    They are experts in statistics, PHDs, and junior doctors. All data collected are stored in a secured specific server in a very transparent procedure.


    Acvfit, InnovYourLife platform, is an agile tool developing data basis on observational, Real Life and Epidemiological studies.


    Acvfit User Hands On Team:

    They are our customer focus service team.

    The User Hands On Team is a specificity of Acvfit. They train and walk our customers through our platform so they can maximize their usage of our functionalities.


    Health Prevention Platform

    An international, multidisciplinary team.

    They are M.Ds, Pharm Ds, psychologists, behavior therapists, dieticians, bio engineers or statisticians, all involved in algorithms development.


    R&D, Gaming and Internet of Things Team

    Our partners create and co-develop new solution with and for our customers. All products aim to be educational, secured, fun and user friendly


  • Our videos


    A Mobile health Prevention program for Insurers and Smart Cities

    InnovLaVie InnovYourLife

    The mobile Health App that matters in your daily life


    A Mobile health Prevention program for Smart Cities

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